Rachael After Losing 75+lbs: “What kept me going is how badly I wanted this”

Rachael before and after weight loss.
Rachael weighed over 223lbs (left) before she slimmed down to 147lbs (right) by making changes to her diet.
  • Age: 20
  • Height: 5’3″
  • Before: 223.2lbs
  • After: 147lbs
  • Weight Lost: 76.2lbs!

Rachael lost 76.2lbs by…

Joining Weight Watchers. Rachael didn’t get as much value as she was hoping for from Weight Watchers, but she admits it was a good way to jump start everything.

Cutting liquid calories, cereals, pastas, and cutting down on breads. All of these changes added up, seriously reducing the amount of calories Rachael consumed on a daily basis.

Persistence: “What kept me going was how badly I wanted this”.

At what moment did you realize you HAD to lose weight?

I weighed 210 pounds at my heaviest – or so I thought was my heaviest. I was so upset and in denial, that I stopped weighing myself. When I eventually weighed myself again, I gained 13 pounds. When I saw that, I knew I HAD to make a change. I wasn’t happy with myself, and concerned about how it would impact my health later in life.

What was the first step you took towards transforming your body?

The first step I took was joining Weight Watchers. It was a good way to jump start everything. It ended up being too expensive and I didn’t feel that it was worth the money. I stopped going, and had no issue losing the weight on my own.

What physical activity/workout routine did you follow?

I never had a routine. I lost almost all of this weight with diet alone. When I do exercise, I enjoy walking. My favorite exercise is swimming, but I don’t have easy access to a pool.

What kind of adjustments did you make to your diet?

I was never a big soda drinker, but I did enjoy smoothies and other drinks. I made the choice to not drink my calories. I used to crave sugar and carbs like crazy. I stopped eating foods like pasta, cereal, and cut down on bread. I still have these cravings, but not nearly as badly as I used to. I can control them a lot better now. I also started eating a lot of snacks throughout the day.

What were your go-to staple foods that helped you achieve your goals?

I really enjoyed snacking. I prefer to buy individually bagged snacks, like lightly salted popcorn or Goldfish. Eating fruit helped curb the sugar cravings. I ate a lot of frozen meals, too. SmartOnes and Lean Cusine have some pretty good meals, and I would try to pick ones that weren’t too high in sodium.

What kept you going on days you didn’t want to diet/exercise any more?

There are some days where you get very frustrated and fed up. You feel like you’re not seeing any progress. What kept me going was how badly I wanted this. I struggled for a few years with my weight, and I really struggled with losing it. I made a lot of attempts and couldn’t follow through.

What was the best advice you received or read along the way?

At Weight Watchers, a woman who worked there talked about splurging. She said if you happen to eat something unhealthy, just “call it a vegetable and move on.” Of course you can’t say that and continue to eat unhealthy. She was referring to an occasional slip up. That always stuck with me; it wasn’t the end of the world if I ate unhealthy.

That always stuck with me; it wasn’t the end of the world if I ate unhealthy.

How long did it take to begin seeing results?

It took me a few months to see results, but my friends and family noticed before I did.

What apps or websites did you use?

I used MyFitnessPal, I still use it, and I will always use it. I absolutely recommend it!

What advice would you give to our readers who are starting off as you in your ‘before’ photo?

Do not give up or lose hope. It’s not going to be easy, but it’s the most rewarding feeling. When other people start to notice, you will feel so good. You’re doing your body and mind a huge favor by deciding to lose weight.

Remember, even if you lose weight at a very slow pace, that is still okay. Keeping it off is what is really important. The results are worth every moment of frustration and emotions you may deal with throughout your journey.

Thanks for talking to us, Rachael!

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